Our first blog post!


So just a little about our roasting process, we roast in a custom built 8 lb drum roaster. The roasting lasts about an hour depending on the roasting temperature, the outside temperature and the type of beans, the more “dense” the bean the longer the roast time. You may also notice that our beans are not roasted as evenly as a coffee that is roasted an automated machine. We have found that over many many roasts that the uneven roasts produce a more complex cup of coffee as different flavors present themselves throughout the roast spectrum.
With the Decaf coffees we use the old standby Hot Air popper. These are fun adventures because we need to stay on top of the process throughout. The roaster can only roast very small amounts at a time, like a little over a half cup of green beans at a time. We have several hot air poppers which we cycle through to keep the process going. The poppers roast the batches in about 5 minutes at very hot temperatures.
CSCA subscribers will be receiving  Uganda Bugisu AA Organic RFA UTZ this week.
This coffee is one of our FAVORITES!!!! It is dark, complex, and delicious. It is organic, Rain Forest Alliance approved, and UTZ certified. It is really everything a socially conscious dark coffee lover could want!!  (Click this link: http://www.thecoffeeguide.org/coffee-guide/niche-markets-environment-and-social-aspects/utz-certified/?menuID=1731 for a description of the UTZ certification ).

It is described as having sweet prune and bittersweet chocolate notes when roasted at darker levels…which of course WE DID!!!! We have been buying this coffee since the summer, we keep coming back to it again and again because it is so delicious.
Let us know what you think when you have your first cup!